OSSUARY ANEX: September release, “Obscurantism Apogee”

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Hailing from Russia, OSSUARY ANEX was created by Max in 2008 on the ruins of DAEMON (Demonic Death Metal). The Line-up changed often during the early years, so the band evolved slowly.

Debut album “Awakening” was released in 2012 on SFC Records and demonstrated a primitive Death Metal with Slamming vibes. After that OSSUARY ANEX did a Russian tour with DEFEATED SANITY. Kirill joined as lead singer in 2014 and he was a new impetus in the development of the band.

OSSUARY ANEX recorded their second album “Mutilation Through Prayer” in 2016 which was released on Lord of the Sick Recordings. Now, in many ways, the band returns to the origins with new stuff, to what they did in DAEMON, but on a new level.

During the first half of 2018, OSSUARY ANEX recorded a new EP entitled “Holy Blasphemition” and got signed with Xtreem Music in July of the same year, for an immediate release of this EP on September 26th that was presented on an European tour from 8th to 22nd of September with DEVANGELIC, ANTROPOFAGUS and RELICS OF HUMANITY.

In 2019, OSSUARY ANEX wrote and recorded a new album entitled “Obscurantism Apogee” which was finished in spring 2020 for its release in September 22 nd again through Xtreem Music.

Kirill – vocals
Max – guitars
Chiba – guitars
Azamath – bass
Sergey – drums


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