The Lightbringer: New lyric video

Publicado: 09/07/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

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Founded in 2020, The Lightbringer is at its third offering. 

Following the majestic and complex Heptanity album released in 2017, where the greatness of the 7 primordial deities was honored, the band is about to present a new conceptual album. This time, a way darker, profound, and mysterious dimension is explored: the Void. From the Void to Existence tells the tale of cosmogony, of a fantastic universe from an immemorial time, where the spirits have awakened from the eternal abyss. This dark epic work that is delivered through a harmonic and progressive atmosphere, is well-suited for fans of fantasy and melodic black metal.

Imagine the first Tristania albums, mixed with a more refined atmospheric black metal approach, and add some Edge of Sanity into it. Then you may have a slight idea of how the new release may sound like. 
From the Void to Existence is mixed and mastered by Archan at Holy Waves Studio, where bands such as Outre-Tombe, Trépas, Kaotik, and Phosphorus have recorded.

Auraeon – Guitars, drums, music, lyrics and artworks
Archan – Bass, mixing and mastering
Sol-Orcus – Abyssal Voice
Celestheia – Celestial Voice

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