Extinctionist: Third album from german brutal death metallers now available

Publicado: 06/07/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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Founded in the year 2007 as a one-man project by guitarist Alexander Pohl (former PHILOSOPHER, CRYPTIC RITUAL), Extinctionist started with a clear musical approach: “No song slower than 220 bpm, no song longer than 2 minutes.” Although that somewhat “Grindcore-Attitude” changed over time towards slightly longer (but not slower) songs, EXTINCTIONIST lost nothing on their brutality and to-the-core precise killing approach.

EXTINCTIONIST became a deadly Live-Commando leaving nothing but devastated lands while playing venues throughout Germany. Their fanbase grew steadily since then and their debut EP ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN was downloaded over 150.000 times and raised quite a buzz among Brutalheads and the Metal Press.

The sound of EXTINCTIONIST is indicated for those who believe in the philosophy that Earth would be far better off without people living on it, thus welcoming the extermination of all human life on the planet.

Against PR

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