Hornwood Fell: release third new track of forthcoming album

Publicado: 09/06/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

Black/death metal outfit Hornwood Fell are now releasing ‘Dream-Land’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Cursed Thoughts’ (out June 26). Stream the new offering via Kadabra Music Youtube channel: 

Pre-orders for ‘Cursed Thoughts’ are already available here with immediate free shipping: https:// kadabramusicofficial.bandcamp. com/album/cursed-thoughts or

The first part of ‘Cursed Thoughts’ (tracks 1-6) explores Les Fleurs Du Mal (“The Flowers of Evil”) by Charles Baudelaire, and the second part, from which ‘Dream-Land’ is taken off (tracks 7-13) takes the poems of Edgar Allan Poe as its inspiration. The band have explained: “We were inspired by two great poets who speak of human despair. Inner monsters and ghosts, horror and pain. Two authors with different voices, with whom we have imagined and played with, and made different musical lines with the intent of evoking human and earthly energies.”


Website Kadabra Music: https://www.kadabramusic.com/

Facebook Kadabra Music: https://www.facebook.com/ kadabramusicofficial/

Instagram Kadabra Music: https://www.instagram.com/ kadabramusicofficial/

Facebook Hornwood Fell: https://www.facebook.com/ hornwoodfell/

Instagram Hornwood Fell: https://www.instagram.com/ hornwoodfell/

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