Koffin: Estonian death metal band released a demo cassette

Publicado: 05/06/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

Koffin Promo2

Estonian oldschool death metal act Koffin released their debute five-song demo “Nailed Into The Coffin” on a cassette.

Formed in 2019, Koffin is a young 4-piece Death Metal band from Tartu, Estonia. Their style is inspired by Thrashy Old-School American Death Metal incorporating downtuned grooves and brutality inspired by Scandinavian Death Metal bands.

“I’m really satisfied how it turned out – I think we got to express ourselves musically good enough to pass on the feeling of “oldcshool” which I personally love the most about this genre,” said the frontman Sander Vider about the release.

Koffin’s drummer Herman Ebber added: “For me, recording this demo was like a bucket of cold water on a hot day. Listening to it always feels like I’m screaming in some lonely cellar of society.”

The cassette is mixed by Sander Vider and Karl Korts and released by Strok Records.




Karl Korts | Damn.Loud 

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