Zeit: “Drangsal” (Black Sludge from Germany)

Publicado: 28/01/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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With frustration in their hearts, green lungs and Sternburg on their lips, ZEIT try to find their way through the great gray – The distress known as city: Inspiration, coercion, freedom and jail. In dark alleys full of delusions, doubtful souls roam, lost in addiction. No hood, no cult – no collective.

ZEIT was invented in 2010 by Fur and Win. In this phase, the self-titled demo was created. With Flakmann’s entry in 2013, the band achieved their final form as a trinity and the first EP “Wintersturm” was released.

Followed by “Trümmer” (2015) and “Gram” (2016), the tape releases form a trilogy. The first album “Konvergenz” was released in 2017 on their own on tape and CD. The “null.” EP from 2018 slowed down two old ZEIT songs to Funeral Doom tempo. With “Drangsal” (en:distress) follows the second full-length in 2019, recorded in the own studio “357”.

Responsible for Mix and Master: Julian Müller
Cover artwork: Johanna Lehmann




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