Hoofstomper: “Chapter I” – Black Metal from Lithuania

Publicado: 18/09/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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Before 2019 there was nothing. Then in the beginning of 2019, somewhere in Lithuania, the horned entity calling himself simply as Hoofstomper ordered a few stray sinful souls (names and former lives of those souls are not important) to start creating music to gather more sinners under his wing. What came out of it was the first chapter of a story about fear, loss, disappointment, metamorphoses and acceptance, aptly named “Chapter I”. In this chapter, Hoofstomper meets a lonely runaway, running for his life, when he encounters a mysterious figure which offers him a shady deal to survive… All events of the story are accompanied by sounds of Black Metal fused with Deadbolt-ish Psychobilly, Dark Surf Rock and Dark Country.

The story now continues.


Murphey Samuel Topheles – Leader, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Sampling
Albert Fish (aka ‘The Old man’) – Bass
Kenny McDuff (aka ‘Broomstick’) – Guitar
Henry Howard Holmes (known to Friends as ‘Tripple H’ or ‘The Architect’) – Guitar
Frankie Schmidt (aka ‘the Executioner’) – Drums

Country: Lithuania
Genre: Black Metal, Dark Surf, Psychobilly, Dark Country



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