Needless: “Heresy” new promo available

Publicado: 04/07/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Needless’ music consists of traditional elements of melodic thrash and death metal mixed with the atmospheric side of black metal and some progressive elements. This powerful combination results in a fierce blend of aggression and ferocity, with mythical themes and nihilistic contemplations about humankind in the lyrics.

Dwelling into the depths of ages, ‘Heresy’ takes you into a musical journey through different myths, philosophies and religious beliefs, to show the marrow of humanity’s true nature and its place in this world.

The band comments: «We want to deliver the highest octane of traditional extreme music for extreme people. If someone digs the infernal and raw energy of the hungarian Tormentor, than here is the best chance to add a new act – yet in many ways similar hungarian madness – to the playlist which comes from the fields of modern metal. This was our main goal, to achieve such ferocity. This is Needless, this is what the folks will get from our debut ‘Heresy’.»


Tamás Bárány – Guitars 
Botond Fogl – Guitars 
Ádám Forczek – Vocals
László Bánfalvi – Bass
Zoltán Németh – Drums 

Country: Hungary
Genre: Death metal, Thrash metal, Black metal


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