SORCERY: first single, cover art and tracklist from ” Necessary Excess of Violence” revealed!

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One of the oldest Swedish Death Metal bands, SORCERY, has just finished the process of recording and mixing their new and fourth full-length of their career. This new work will be entitled “Necessary Excess of Violence” and, like its previous three albums, will be released through Xtreem Music on August 20th on CD and 12″LP formats.

SORCERY is perhaps the oldest Swedish Death Metal band, formed back in 1986, having released several demos and EP’s between ’87-’90 before their classic debut album “Bloodchilling Tales” in ’91. SORCERY has always maintained their style of aggressive, brutal and intense Death Metal, and with this new work, they consolidate their position as one of the most respected Swedish bands in their genre. “Necessary Excess of Violence”, again with cover art by Juanjo Castellano, is, along with their debut, the best work of the band and will not disappoint any of their followers.

Tracklist for “Necessary Excess of Violence” is as follows:

01. The Stellar Circle

02. Where We Were Born We Will Demise

03. The Darkest Part of You

04. Of Blood and Ash

05. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

06. Death is Near

07. Illuminate

08. King of Nothing 

09. Year of the Plague

10. Language of the Conqueror

Release date for “Necessary Excess of Violence” will be August 20th through Xtreem Music on CD & 12″LP format. You can visit SORCERY’s official Facebook here: sorcerydeathmetal and listen to the 1st advance single at the following links: xtreemmusic


Xtreem Music

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