APHRODITE: publishes lyric video for “Aphrodite, Queen of Lust”

Publicado: 17/06/2019 por Pedro Mello em News


Founded in the second half of 2018, APHRODITE is the result of a collective effort between the creative minds of ICE WAR’s Jo Steel “Capitalicide” – who wrote the music -, Heidi Stockdale developed the lyrical concept which revolves around Greek Mythology, Yan Turbo from COLORSFADE was brought in to craft and thicken the lead guitars, and after numerous tryouts with different vocalists, Tanza Speed – her trademark voice can be heard in other acts such as DEMONA or OUTLINE – was the one chosen for the demanding task.

“Lust And War” offers a relentless and charismatic approach, as well as a DIY production aimed for all the lovers of the good old speed metal sound from the 80’s, which is sparkled with some heavy and punk influences in the vein of ACID, ZNÖWHITE, AGENT STEEL, S.D.I., VECTOM, etc.

Tracklist for “Lust and War” is as follows:

thumbnail (1)

01. Hades in the Night

02. Pandora’s Box Unleashed

03. Ares, God of War

04. Lightning Crashed

05. Pentheselia

06. Gorgon Medusa

07. Aphrodite, Queen of Lust

08. Orpheus Charms the Gods of Death

09. Thesus and the Minotaur

10. The Odyssey

11. Gladiators (Gladiators) 

Aphrodite on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ Aphrodite-527078501152053

First single: https://youtu.be/ BnUbBf_VbgA

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