NOCTURNAL WITCH: “A Thousand Pyres” (Evil Spell Records / Undercover)

Publicado: 14/05/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Nocturnal Witch was unleashed in 2009 by brothers Tyrant and Baphomet, united both in blood and musical direction, sharing a will to horrify mankind with their blackened thrash attack! You can expect a mixture of old greek black metal with german thrash metal, all this combined into the classic south american sound. Simple yet aggressive, “A Thousand Pyres” is a further development to its predecessor that sees the band adding more black metal into their magic potion. You’ll find eight tracks full of pure aggressiveness, hate and destruction.

Recorded and mastered in October/November 2018 at Temple of Disharmony (Patrick W.Engel).

Line up:

Baphomet – Drums

Tyrant – Vocals, Guitars

Country: Germany

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal


Against PR

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