Odious: “Mirror Of Vibrations” @Black Metal from Egypt

Publicado: 09/05/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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Coming from Alexandria in Egypt, Odious re-releases their debut album “Mirror of Vibrations” for the first time in vinyl through Shaytan Productions (home for Al-Namrood and Darkestrah).

“Mirror of Vibrations” features a beautiful instrumental interplayed by the classic and mournful black metal sound and Egyptian folk, combining emotions and melodies in an eerie atmosphere that is complemented by brutal vocal lines and dark lyrics that deal with Egypt’s past leaders and presents a narration of other stories and tales. Rich, dark and oriental, “Mirror of Vibrations” is a must-have for every black metal fan.

Rami Magdi, Bassem Fakhri, Mohamed Hassen, Alfi Hayati, Mohamed Lameen
Country: Egypt
Genre: Black Metal


www.shaytanproductions. bandcamp.com


Against PR

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