Black Dreams: Under My Skin

Publicado: 09/05/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

Black Dreams releases a new two track single on May 16th 2019. Black Dreams is a Finnish heavy rock act that has gathered airplay for it’s music around the world on undergound radio stations for example in Australia, UK and USA.

The band presents their refreshed style with the new single. Band collaborated with producer Mikko Herranen (Misterer, Misery Inc., Rust, Velcra, Lullacry..) who recorded and mixed the tracks. Musically the tracks show two sides of a coin.

“Vocalist Kraapo brought some delicious song ideas to the rehearsals. UNDER MY SKIN was quite straight forward and catchy. We wanted to get some metal aspect to it also so that we wouldn’t go into any pop stuff. And I think that we made the trick. Mikko Herranen put some fairy dust on the production and it was a wrap!

WE LOVE DEAD PEOPLE is a bit heavier and slower track. And that’s why it’s my personal favourite. It was more like a raw piece and we did lot more arrangement work with that track than the first one. Beautiful and chaotic piece of art. And we are pretty much approaching the thing that we have aimed all along. A trip towards deep, beautiful and dark waters has began. Some Type O Negative or Black Sabbath influences might be spotted.

UNDER MY SKIN is quite traditional love story about lost love. WE LOVE DEAD PEOPLE is a tribute to all of those great personalities that left us too soon.”

Jari Rippe Rantanen, the drummer of Black Dreams.

Inverse Records

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