HAZPIQ: “CEPHEID” (Metal / Prog / Alternative / Ambient)

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Hazpiq was born in 2015 as a French progressive metal band. Composed of 5 members, the band is about to release their first album “Cepheid” in January 2019. Coming from different musical horizons, the musicians of the group are complementary and claim their roots and their classical background. A specificity that is not anecdotal because it founds the originality of this formation forges its character and is its strength. 

Hazpiq’s music subtly alternates powerful and profound passages, with acoustic parts accompanied by female singing inspired by ancient languages, inviting the listener to a hypnotic journey. 

Influenced by progressive bands such as Magma, Tool, Gojira, Hypno5e, Opeth, and Corpo Mente, or sacred classical music from Arvö Part, Hazpïq delivers a massive organic sound, without ever being reduced to a technical demonstration, to offer pure music and rich emotions.

file1.jpgLINE-UP on this record: 
Drums: Lylian SZPIRA 
Bass guitar: Joseph LEVY 
Guitars/Voice: Siméon NOWOTNY 
Voice: Imen GARDOUH 

Drums: Lylian SZPIRA 
Bass: Joseph LEVY 
Guitar: Manuel ROVARETTI 
Guitar/Voice: Siméon NOWOTNY 
Voice: Mélody DENÈVE 

Recorded by Hazpiq at Hazpiq own Studio Mixed by Siméon NOWOTNY, and Mastered in 2018 by Marcus LINON at GREASY Records Studio.

Released in Limited Digipack and Digital edition.



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