Embrional: “EVIL DEAD” (Death Metal)

Publicado: 11/02/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Polish death metallers Embrional return with a brand new album entitled “Evil Dead”: a collection of tracks with fresh arrangements while applying emotions and ideas often deviating from the classic bands of this genre. This album is a whole new chapter for the band which just found their line-up stabilization and is on their way to find their own style and interpretation of the art.

“Evil Dead” is the band’s third full-length and consists of 8 tracks that follow up on the horde’s death metal insanity, resulting on a more mature record in terms of composition when compared to previous efforts. “Evil Dead” is a manifestation of dormant emotions such as angst and darkness and features heavy and crushing depressing sounds, with maniacal twists and turns. It will leave you disturbingly craving for more! Enter the abyss of the poisoned sounds of “Evil Dead”.

Skullripper – guitar, vocals
Darek Mlody – drums
T.N. – guitar
Armagog – bass

Against PR

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