Blitzkrieg: Metal Nation Records reissues classic “Unholy Trinity”

Publicado: 11/02/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Metal Nation Records has officially re-released “Unholy Trinity”, the sophomore album from UK’s NWOBHM unit Blitzkrieg.

Originally released in 1995 via Neat Metal, this classic record was hailed as one of the band’s best albums mostly due to the contribution of then guitarist Tony J. Liddle, who wrote all the music and played all guitar parts. On vocals, you’ll find founding member Brian Ross, who’s mostly known for being Satan’s vocalist, who is joined by fellow Satan’s drummer Sean Taylor. There’s also a guest appearance by Venom’s main-man Cronos, who plays bass and joins Ross on vocals on their “Countess Bathory” cover.

This 17 track CD now also features the bonus track ‘ Nocturnal Vision ‘, which was previously available only on the Japanese version of the album.

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1. Hair Trigger (Pull The Trigger Pt.2)
2. Struck By Lightning
3. Taking Care Of Business
4. Field Of Dreams
5. Take A Look Around
6. After Dark
7. Crazy For You
8. Zip
9. Unholy Trinity
10. Calming The Savage Beast
11. The Wraith
12. Easy Way Out
13. All Hallows Eve
14. Countess Bathory
15. Jealous Love
16. House Of Pleasure
17. Return Of The Zip
18. Nocturnal Vision (Bonus Track)
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