Living The Fire: “The New One” (Heavy Metal)

Publicado: 07/02/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Living the FIRE is a german heavy metal band putting together all the essentials of heavy metal without enslaving themselves to the genre’s tradition. With their second album, they don’t just refurnish the genre, but restructured every brickstone position to build the house of their dreams.

Their spirited songwriting and thrilling musicianship is catchy, energetic, melodic, heavy and diverse with lots of character.

The self-produced album “The New On” makes no compromises about its sound. All the band tracks were recorded in one room, with the band playing everything together to give it a warm tone. Renouncing much of the modern frills which made the metal genre clinical sterile in the last years, the production has the warm sound we’re missing in modern metal.


Clemens Paulich – Vocals
Sebastian Schmidt – Guitar
Jonas Ladewig – Bass, Backing vocals
Philipp Vogt – Drums, backing vocals



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