Climate of Fear: “The Onset of enternal Darkness” new promo available from Demons Run Amok

Publicado: 22/01/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Introducing Climate of Fear, a new UK melodic death metal five epiece who are already causing quite a stir. For fans of At The Gates, Carcass and early Arch Enemy, the band’s debut LP is a brute of a release. Melodic and terric, in both senses, combining the best of death metal, beatdown, and hardcore, “The Onset Of Eternal Darkness” will be out 1st March via Demons Run Amok and is the band’s debut full-length record. 

Following the band’s previous EP “Holy Terror”, which came out in February 2018 (Demons Run Amok), “The Onset Of Eternal Darkness” sees the band as staunch anti-capitalists, whose lyrical themes include environmental nihilism and anti-exploitation, anti-fascism, and anti-colonialism. Climate of Fear, whose members are from all over the UK (from Southampton to Edinburgh).


Owen Derrill, Bass (also in: Cold Hard Truth)
Alfie Armour, Guitar (also in: World Truth)
Paul Williams, Vocals (also in: Desolated)
George Bigneil, Drums (Cold Hard Truth)
Sam Ellis Thompson, Guitar (Cold Hard Truth)


Font: Against PR

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