Tempestarii – “Temple of Skies” (Mercenary Musik)

Publicado: 18/01/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Tempestarii is an enigmatic anonymous black metal horde hailing from Boise, Idaho. Their debut full-length album “Temple of Skies” brings forth ardent visions from the other side, horizons reected upon the psyche. Tempestarii ebbs and ows through a realm free of spiritual surrender, one created by ritual and catharsis, unseen. Invoking the ancient storm, once called forth by black metal, these lamentations of sorrow and hatred erode the outside world and deliver a trance-like state, within. The whip that cracks the sky echoes forever in chaos, witness the illusions of Tempestarii. Recorded throughout the Twilight of MMXVI, “Temple of Skies” is a revelation of incandescent atmospheric black metal. 

The band states in an interview with Indymetalvault.com: “Temple of Skies is our invocation into the realm of the unknown. It is our exploration of inner turmoil, and the dimension that lies beyond that which is considered our present state. We do not linger in the wake of how anyone reacts to the art form. The album exists in its own rite, and holds a place as a keyhole to the door of our ritual. Just as anything organic has a short linear path, the album came into existence and now is but an energetic memory never to be performed again, as it has found an eternal resting place and we have now symbolically moved on to another black horizon.”



Font: Against PR

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