THORMESIS: “The Sixth” will be released on 8 March, artwork and more details!

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The release of the sixth Thormesis album, which is titled “The Sixth”, is getting closer!

On March 08th, the 45 minutes longplayer, which undoubtedly represents the highlight of the quartet’s musical career so far, will be released on MDD Records. The album will be available as high-quality DigiPak and for the first time in the band’s history also as vinyl. In addition, there will be an exclusive and limited box edition for pre-orderers, which exact presentation and content of which shall remain a secret at the moment. Not secret anymore is the album cover artwork which you find enclosed. Last but not least: Already in the first week of February the first song & video release “Thy morbid drunken Ways” will shorten the waiting time for the new Thormesis album! be prepared!

09.02. Bremen – Arkham Advertiser Fest

08.03. Berlin – Blackland Club

16.03. Lenzburg- Metbar (CH)

13.04. Gützkow – The Nocturnal Journey

21.04. München – Dark Easter Metal Meeting

22.08. Crispendorf – Wolfszeit Festival

18.10. Erfurt – From Hell

19.10. Würzburg – Bhof

29.11. Leipzig – t.b.a

30.11. t.b.a.
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