Internal Chronicles: “Crimson Storm” Out Today!

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“Crimson Storm” is the impending new full-length from Croatia-based melodic doom/black one-man project INTERNAL CHRONICLES. Set for release early next year via Guts´n´Blood Records,

(“NoOne” is the name of the person behind musical arrangements and vocals) NoOne´s words about the album: „Crimson Storm is a concept album that I had in mind for years. Finally, this year I’ve managed to record it and recruit a few session members who managed to raise the whole album on another level. Crimson Storm is a metaphor for love, with all its beautiful, painful, incredible, awful, magical and violent dimensions that true love brings. It is also a statement against people who have given up or have decided that true love doesn’t exist. It is an ode to love… For her.“

Internal Chronicles is a one-man project from Zagreb, Croatia. It consists of NoOne who play all the instruments, records and mixes everything by himself in a home studio with the help of a few session members. The first album is called Out of Sanity’s Reach. It is a blend of doom and melodic black metal.

NoOne wanted to start the project as a full band but couldn’t find musicians for the type of music he wanted to create so he decided to do everything himself. Their first album “Out of Sanity’s Reach” was recorded and released independently in January 2018.

Premiere New Single and video por “Crimson Maiden”: 





Guts´n´Blood Records Bandcamp:

Fonte: Against PR


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