Ayyur: Black Metal From Tunisia, full stream available on youtube and bandcamp

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AYYUR announces the release of the long awaited new MLP “THE LUNATIC CREATURE” in collaboration with Sentient Ruin Laboratories in the US and Vendetta Records in the EU. 

Birthed at the very edge of the Mediterranean where the Western world and Europe die and dissolve leaving pace to an ancient and inscrutable frontier land of lost history and arcane mystery, Tunisian black metal enigma AYYUR re-surface after a lengthily slumber with The Lunatic Creature, a new MLP of soul-tearing atmospheric black metal shrouded in malevolent mysticism and superbly impenetrable atmospheres. 

On this new offering the North African band is aided on drums by former Deathspell Omega member Shaxul as they channel the remote and most unspeakable lore and darkest history of their land to summon a black metal specter of distant and magnificently wretched esotericism. With soaring mid-tempo progressions reminiscent of MGLA or Drudkh, dense and haunting atmospheres akin to those found in the most mystical fringe of atmospheric USBM, and moods of unparalleled hermetism and isolationism, Ayyur have distilled the very essence of their fringe and cast away existence cut away from the familiarity of the Western world to create a black metal construct of ghastly remoteness and of entrancing mysticism.

file3AYYUR – The Lunatic Creature

  1. Lugubrious Fields
  2. The Outcast
  3. The Lunatic Creature
  4. He Who Dwells in the Trenches

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Ayyur started as a one man concept in 2007 by the will of Angra Mainyu in Tunsia, and several session members have taken part in the project over the years, but the band’s true nature remains elusive, its exotic and remote existence shrouded in mystery, and its essence to this day an ominous enigma which has faded in and out of human memory. Although exact information about the project cannot be found, Mainyu appears to be the only certain constant member throughout the project’s history, and 2018 has been chosen by Mainyu as the year of AYYUR’s return. To this end, he has summoned the aid of mysterious entity Dagon, and obtained the alliance of former Deathspell Omega member Shaxul to incarnate his vision as a recording three piece and complete AYYUR’s return, embodied as an unholy blood oath to serve and nurture black metal in its most uncompromising and feral form.

The result of AYYUR’s long in the works awakening is a dark, solemn, and twisted work which glorifies black metal’s most tumultuous and ravenous traits, while allowing its exotic and remote nature to leave its mark on the music and make it one with its birthplace, blessing a blood-soaked alliance made in equal parts of traditional and cold black metal nihilism, obscure spiritualism, and remote and isolationist hermitism.

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