Iterum Nata: Dark and mystical beauty on new single

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Finnish psych-occult-folk artist Iterum Nata has released a second single from their upcoming second full length album to be released in December 2018.

“Sacrificial Light” is an ambitious composition featuring Anna-Kaisa Kettunen (The Aeon) on lead vocals and Kimmo Helén (Hexvessel) on violin and viola.

Listen the single:

Youtube (Lyric video)

Jesse Heikkinen from Iterum Nata comments on the new single:

“Sacrificial Light is a song with many faces. Originally it was written in Finnish few years ago when I was going through some hard times. The song fitted this album perfectly, so I re-wrote the lyrics in English.

The stunningly beautiful lead vocals are sung by Anna-Kaisa. She is one of my favourite singers and I’m so thankful she agreed to help me. The dramatic string ensemble is made by Kimmo, who is an unbelievable talented multi-instrumentalist and dear brother from the Hexvessel family.

The lyrics are quite complex and there are many stories behind this song. In the verses the narrator wants something so bad, that (s)he is willing to sacrifice him/herself. In this context the sacrifice can be understood as simply committing a suicide – the ultimate self-sacrifice, or as a symbolic gesture where the initiate lets all that is untrue go.”

Fonte: Inverse Music


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