Epica: Interview With Drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek

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Ariën van Weesenbeek.

Next October will take place in Brazil the EpicMetalFest. A festival lined up by Epica, will have its first edition in Brazil. I think many may ask: “Why in Brazil?”

Ariën: Yes, correct. I can imagine people might wonder why we organized EMF in Brazil. It seemed like a great opportunity for us, and I’m sure that the Brazilian Epica-fans are happy that there will be a festival organized by their favorite band. Brazil’s a great country to play shows, and we’re really looking forward to play in Sao Paulo!

How was the choice of the bands that will be at the event?

Ariën: The choice was kinda difficult, but after some brainstorming, eventually we came up with a cool list of names that we’d like to have on our festival. I’m pretty positive that there’s something for everybody’s taste of music.

The event will also mark the release of “The Holographic Principle,” eighth studio album of the band. Before we talk about the musics, we would like to know how was defined the Stefan Heilemann’s art to illustrate the album?

Ariën: First of all, it was clear to us that we wanted to work with Stefan again, since he’s an extraordinary artist and designer. What we did was present him some basic ideas, and he started working from there. He tried several versions and directions, and after some time he amazed everyone of us with the final result! Best of our album covers so far I think!


“The Holographic Principle”

What is the meaning of the title “The Holographic Principle”?


Ariën: The meaning is that we’re living in this world, but it could very well be possible that we’re living in a big illusion and hologram, and we’re not aware of our real life or existence. We make ourselves believe that this world is the real one, but we might be mistaken and might be somewhere else. That’s the holographic principle – bit science fictional, haha.

I can’t stop thinking about the concept of the film “The Matrix” in relation to the concept of “The Holographic Principle.” There is some kind of influence between the film and what is expressed on the album?

Ariën; Yeah, me too! It’s a cool concept, and I’m a big Matrix-fan myself! The movie doesn’t have a direct influence, but of course the subjects are in strong relation to each other. It’s kinda wicked; imagine we’re playing our show on EMF, and the fans are having a great time enjoying the show, but actually we’re all plugged in a computer in real life… damn that would be something! I mean; the beer you’re drinking wouldn’t be a real beer!! We can’t have that!


Ariën van Weesenbeek.

The first track released was “Universal Death Squad”. How was the receptivity of the band by the fans?

Ariën: Very positive! I think that a lot of people weren’t expecting this, haha.

I think it’s a very strong song and brings all the elements that the band has been exploring in his career. How was the album’s songwriting process?

Ariën: We all started writing songs at home to come up with the basic ideas. Then we threw all kinds of ideas and music to each other, and try to make the songs and ideas better every time.
Eventually, our producer Joost Van den Broek came in the picture and together we arranged all the songs to a good basic form. Then we got together and started jamming and rehearsing, improving the songs. This whole process was very inspiring and I personally had a great time putting my songs, guitar riffs, and drum parts together!


Rob Van Der Loo, Ariën van Weesenbeek, Coen Janssen, Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Isaac Delahaye.

Epica have 13 years since the release of the first album, “The Phantom Agony”. In my opinion, a remarkable album. With so many changes in the music market, what is the fuel that feeds Epica’s flame?

Ariën: We just love what we do. The music and our passion for playing our music is what drives us. OF course, it’s beyond great that we have got so many fans worldwide, which is very rewarding and encouraging. This is what we do, and we love it!

Thanks a lot for this interview. Could you please leave a message for the fans who anxiously await the return of Epica to Brazil:

Ariën: We are looking very much forward to see all you Brazilian Epica-supporters back again! See you all at EMF Brazil 2016!!!!


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