Accept: Interview With Wolf Hoffmann

Publicado: 19/04/2015 por Pedro Mello em Entrevistas, News
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Hello guys, it’s a great pleasure to talk to you.

Well, on the eve of some shows in Brazil, including one at the Monsters Of Rock Festival – SP, how are the preparations for the band to face upcoming shows in South America?

WOLF: Hi…nice to meet you! The pleasure is mine!  We are thrilled to come back to BRAZIL and to perform at this prestigious festival is a great honor. We have new guys in the band and that requires a lot of work and rehearsing. We have been prepared having this change  one day, ,so we did always have a second Live Brigade ready to go.

Although you are in full tour of the album Blind Rage (2014), is there the possibility of a surprise on the set list of the band?

WOLF: We are on our second leg of the BLIND RAGE tour and will be out on the road until December 2015… How can I surprise you…when I tell you everything we want to surprise you J   Come and see us!

Changing focus, Blind Rage is the third album by the current Accept’s lineup. How has been the receptivity of the fans to the album?


Accept: Uwe Lulis, Peter Baltes, Mark Tornillo, Wolf Hoffmann and Christopher Williams.

WOLF:  # 1 in Germany and Finland as chart positions AND  sold out shows in many countries – I would call that an excellent response! We are thrilled – believe me!

How was the beautiful art of the new album’s cover developed? Undoubtedly one of the most significant in 2014.

WOLF: Gaby will be pleased to hear that. she is the one  responsible for covers and I know that she has been sitting on this idea for a long time. She is working with British artist and we wanted to reflect the ANGRY TIMES we live in, where we see Anger, Hate and Terror everywhere…..


Blind Rage (2014)

The band released the first album in 1979 and the musicians are on the road for much more time, with Accept or other bands. Where does this energy from that persists until today? And we hope that continues for much longer.

WOLF: You know, Peter & I who are joint on our hips since we were 16 & 17 years old have had this long time out – nearly 15 years and it is safe to say,that ACCEPT is known for their powerful stage presence since we turned Professionals in 1980 . We had the audacity to come back BECAUSE  we were in best shape and pumped up to the hilt!  And we are always 100% dedicated to move up and up. We are ready for anything and – we believe  where all this is coming from – there is more….much more! So, count us in! 

The music industry is currently very confused. Nevertheless, how this has reflected in the band? The several types of packaging offered to fans have been successful?

WOLF: The record industry will say yes … it is a trend of our ties and all companies are doing it. We are looking in to it for the future…. I understand exactly what you re saying,. There are a lot of politics involved. 


 Wolf Hoffman

With three successful albums, what are the further plans of Accept?

WOLF: MORE successful Albums!!!!!  We can only keep our energy level that high, because I believe the Best Album of ACCEPT has not even been written yet. So, let’s see what the next one  will do and the next tour! We sure are ready! 

It was a huge honor to speak with a true legend of heavy metal. Please leave a message to the Brazilian fans:

WOLF: We love you and please come and see us. We can’t wait to come to BRAZIL and Rock the Place – can’t do it without you!

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