Suicidal Angels: Show In Rio!

Publicado: 19/04/2013 por Pedro Mello em Uncategorized

January 13th, sunday, nice weather in Rio de Janeiro. Perfect conditions to have another great heavy metal show in town.

Once again, in partnership with The Ultimate Music Press, we checked out the show of the greek band Suicidal Angels in Rio. To fill up the night we also had Sodomizer (RJ) e Prophecy (RJ) performing to open the gig.



With a small delay, Sodomizer was the first band to go to the Rio Rock & Blues Bar’ stage. The audience was still small by that time when Leatherface (Bass), Warlock (Vocal / Guitar), Poisonhell (Guitar), e Guilherme Incitatus (Drums) began the destruction with their black metal.

The sound was loud and clean from the begining to the end of the night. Sodomizer excited the crowd with their heavy and techniques songs and it didn’t take too long to the first circles to begin!

The band is very cohesive and Poisonhell has an insane drive on stage! As said by Warlock, since 4 years the band didn’t perform in Rio. What we saw was a pleased band, crazy about doing a good job on stage. Mission accomplished!

Small gap to change sets. During that time a DJ brought a set of differet kind of metal music, like Megadeth, Stratovarius, Helloween and more.


Rogério Avlis (Prophecy)

With all set up, a little intro and Prophecy comes. With Rogério Avlis (Vocal / Guitar), Amaury Garcia (Bss), Tauan Rithmains (Guitar), e Fernando Kholl (Drums) they brought their nervous and exciting thrash metal to stage.

The recipiency was unanimous showing how heavy and important is this band for the underground scene in Rio.

Prophecy merged songs from their first record “Legions Of Violence” (2008) with songs of their most recent demo “I4NI” (2011). The band was very relaxed on stage making a great show. They also had Roger Avlis, Rogério ‘s son, singing “I4NI” with the band.


Suicidal Angels

After the local bands, all the fans already had sstisfaction smiles on their faces, but we still had more to come. The greek were ready to come!

Suicidal Angels comes with Angelos Kritsotakis (Bass), Nick Melissourgos (Vocal, Guitar), Orpheas Tzortzopoulos (Drums), and Chris Tsitsis (Guitar) to show their last album “Bloodbath” (2012) and begins the excecution of a heavy and cohesive sound. No fatigue to the fans, punk circles came with full power!

The band seem very pleased with the fans reaction, splicing a song after the other. Even with few speaches the band gained the audience and commanded the circles and even an unusual “Wall Of Death” on the small venue.

The band is very strong on stage, keeps the audience’s atention and sounds like a mix of San Franciscos’ and german’s thrash metal. All this elements together make them a very nice catch for the thrashers of the world.

The show was fantastic and, even though the audience was not huge (in quantity), the band sounded like a giant!

Scelza Produções made a great job on picking the local bands as well. The music of all of them fit very well together and did not let the crowd stop even for a second. In conclusion, we had a really great night over here after this great show!

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